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Online Tarot Readings App You Can Trust | Tarot Life

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Online Tarot Reading Apps You Can Trust | Tarot Life

Tarot cards are now available in online tarot reading apps. These apps are working very well for people all over the world. Let’s get to know about them.

What Are Tarot Cards And Its Readings?

Tarot cards are an excellent medium to know the present position of your life in general, and if there is a specific thing which you want to get an answer for, this is the right method to reach your goal. It can be solved through in-depth tarot reading. Today there is a craze of tarot card reading, and the internet is flooded with various online tarot readings apps.

How Can You Trust Online Tarot Readings?

When you go down to search for the best online tarot app, you will have a string of apps showing on your computer screen. The next question could be, can I trust any of these apps? Well, the best way here to trust is Tarot Life app, which is authentic and has the best search results. Another way to build trust is to understand the viewer’s comment on the sites you are surfing and looking for answers.

online trusted tarot reading app

All about the Tarot Life App

This is a free tarot and love reading app. As you download and install the app, you will see two main categories.

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1. Tarot.

2. Numerology.


Once you click on this tab –you will see four main sections which are main aspects of anyone’s life namely-Love, Tarot Insights, Career, and finance.

Love Tarot

Love Tarot has a three card spread which is the right place to get your love reading as on date. Here the cards are a mix of all the 22 major arcana which are relevant for you to get solutions to the things which are bothering your mind.

True Love Spread

This is a six card spread and more in-depth result oriented reading. You can use this reading if you are trying to find a true love or soul mate for yourself. This spread deals with your feelings and your partner's feelings. Then the deep connection you both have is disclosed. The spread tells if it can be developed into a beautiful relationship. The strong and weak points in your relationship and finally if this relationship will make you and your partner happy to have a fulfilled relationship.

Tarot Insight

This is the section which gives you a quick peekaboo with one card pick into your day to day tarot reading. Then there is a YES OR NO card in which you can also pick one card. This card is best suited when you need a straight forward yes or no answer to the question which is weighing your brain.

The next tab is to Ask a Question. It has three subsections -Love, career, and finance. This helps you get guidance and quick fix answer to the burning questions on your mind. Then there is a chat window. You can ask your questions from expert readers to get closure to your query.

Career Tarot

As the name suggests this is a three card prediction for the career path you need to choose and what can be the best option in hand right now for you and your future professional life.

Career Path spread

This is a seven card spread which deals with the stressful questions about your present career, steps you need to make the current career situation better. This section also gives you the challenges you are facing against your performance meter. Then the area you need to focus and make strong professional aptitude to show your future growth path and prospects.

Finance Tarot

Here you have the option to pick three cards which will give you the solution to your much needed financial situation.

Success Spread

This is a five card spread. The first cards deal with one big concern you are facing right now. This is a reading, which tells about the challenges you are facing now and hidden agenda which is affecting all your life. In this reading, the card can give you fresh ideas to enhance your present situation and to build a solid foundation for your future.


This is an excellent method to know your Life path number, which is the total of your entire date of birth, which includes the date, month, and year. The numbers are added till it comes down to a single numeric digit. The first section helps you to calculate your Life path number.

The name you carry is an important aspect of your life, and in Numerology this is termed as the Destiny Number. This is the sum of the entire alphabets which are given a numerical value as per the chart which is mentioned on the Tarot Life app.

Maturity number plays a significant role in your Mid Life. This is the total of the life path and Destiny number. This can help you get an insight into a hidden desire or something you want to achieve later in life.

Our name is a combination of vowels and consonants majorly. To calculate the Personality Number, drop all the vowels in your name and combine the consonants of your name. This helps to know your perspective towards Life with both the good and evil running simultaneously in your daily life.

Let you discuss a few apps with a similar result which might help you make the right decision to opt for Tarot Life as the best thing that happened to until date.

Daily Tarot Plus 2019 - Free Tarot Card Reading

This is a free tarot reading app, known as Daily Tarot Plus - Free Tarot Card Reading 2019 which helps you get free tarot card meanings about the most important things in your life which can be about love, relationships, finances, career, health, etc. Pick your tarot cards and get tarot spreads for help and guidance for your future!

Keen Psychic Reading, Daily Horoscopes & Tarot App

This app is a combination of online tarot reading, live psychics, astrologers as per your zodiac, intuitive spiritual guides that will help you find your purpose of life and clarity about it. This app like most of the other online apps helps the user to get into their past, present, and future, and to get eternal wisdom into the life’s most significant matters which are of your concern right now.

This app also has Numerology, Cartomancy, spiritual reading, and steps to get a clean and positive aura, angel guidance through the Angel oracle deck.

Tarot Park - Free Tarot Card Reading & Tarot Cards

Tarot Park is a free tarot reading app which claims to have a combination of 12 different tarot decks and almost 150 different tarot spreads. Like the most apps, this also claims to be the best psychic reading, one card tarot, love tarot reading, yes or no tarot, three card tarot reading and more. This app predicts its tarot prophecies as per the Rider-Waite tarot deck.

Tarot Life remains the best fit available to satisfy all your future related queries. Download it now from the Google Play Store and App Store.

Download Tarot Life for Android
Download Tarot Life for iPhone
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